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Learn industry-tested and experience-based strategies in developing your online course.

Understand Instructional Design and eLearning concepts

Discover tools you can use to design your eLearning

Develop eLearning with activities and resources, including SCORM files

Integrate interactivityanimation, and social based concepts to boost your course engagement rate

Get your certificate of completion for completing the training.

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Thursday, 12th November 2020
2 sessions to cover 2 timezones

Session 1: 9.30AM to 1PM - Hong Kong / Singapore Timezone (GMT+8)
Session 2: 9.30AM to 1PM - Eastern Time (GMT-4)


Description of the event

As professionals in the EdTech, Instructional Design and eLearning space, there is One question that come up all the time…“How to create more engagement and a better learning experience to encourage completion of a course?”

And you know what, we all know how Customer / User Experience (CX / UX) are crucial, why not leveraging on that to design the optimal learning experience? The concept is the same.

The good news here is that this is not “just” about the technology you use or the content you provide.

This virtual workshop will complement the Introduction to Articulate Storyline 360 workshop “Basic Storyline 360: Build your eLearning – A step by step guide”. This is a 3.5 hours Advanced virtual class and hands-on session designed to help attendees get more of the skills they need to produce course content that instructionally sound and engaging to the end user.

We look forward to facilitating your virtual workshop training and do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or queries.

Get trained by Articulate Storyline experts

EdTech Club partnered with eLearn2grow Digital Learning experts. Our experts use Articulate Storyline 360 and other authoring and multimedia tools on a daily basis. This brings that level of knowledge and experience to our workshops.

During this workshop, our experts will share with you some of their real-life experience, functional and technical, so you can get real feedback about the challenges you will face in the real life.

This virtual workshop will be guided through the development of an e-learning course via a highly interactive way, allowing you to experience the simplicity, flexibility, and the power of Storyline 360.

Training Objectives

  • Get a more advanced skills and knowledge about Articulate Storyline 360
  • Reminder and warm up on some basics of Articulate 360
  • Get a better view on why eLearning is so popular now and what are the key trends in eLearning design (eLearning design models and methodologies)
  • Graphic design tips and tricks and Animation tips and tricks
  • How to create interactions that engage your audience
  • Work on Gamified and scenario-based eLearning
  • Publishing your courses for all devices
  • Completing your Articulate Storyline course with additional features and activities of your LMS


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from EdTech Club and eLearn2grow after attending this 3.5 hours workshop.

Important Information and prerequisites

  • This is an intermediary to advanced course/training. Prior knowledge on e-Learning, authoring tools or LMS is preferable (not blocking)
  • You can get a free demo version of Articulate Storyline 360 on Articulate 360 website. This is mandatory to enjoy this virtual workshop

Who should attend?

  • eLearning Content Creator
  • Instructional Design who wants to know more about this authoring tools and design principles
  • Educators, Teachers
  • HR and Learning & Development professionals
  • Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, and start-ups leaders

Training Highlights

  • Warm up: What eLearning is? What is Instructional Design?
  • Essentials and key concepts of eLearning Design
  • Reminder some the key features of Articulate Storyline 360 such as
    • States (normal, hover, visited…) and Layers
    • Play with triggers (Adding, editing, conditions) and links
    • Discover the build in interactive elements such as buttons, hotspots, makers
    • Quizzing and feedback
    • Assessments, surveys, and quizzes
  • Gamified eLearning using motion paths, variables (text, number)
  • How to store information variables and retrieve this information along the eLearning
  • Scenario based learning with Storyline using avatars and characters
  • How to create Storyline 360 blocks in RISE
  • Publishing your courses for all devices
  • Player Design (features, menu, resources, glossary)
  • Publish and several outputs possibilities (Review, SCORM / TINCAN, HTML5 with or without Flash…)
  • Completing your Articulate Storyline course with additional features and activities of your LMS


Get insights, tips, and advices from EdTech speakers coming from various industries and practices such as corporate leaders, investors, academicians, and successful start-ups.

Discover the opportunities that EdTech can bring to recover from the impact brought about by Covid-19.

Discover more about digital learning to modernize your learning and growth strategy.

Get recognized and receive the certificate of completion that can add up to your credentials with a Lifetime access to our existing learning resources.


David Daoud

Digital Transformation
Entrepreneur mindset

David is passionate about human relations, and more especially everything related to Learning. This drove him since the beginning. Strong of his 20+ years of international experience,  David worked on various international organizational and IT projects across Europe and Asia.
David has a consulting and entrepreneur background, across several industries, with a deep experience in the financial industry gained during several years mostly working with banks on their continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives. His areas of expertise are about Continuous Improvement applied to everything going from his personal life to his professional experience and Life Long Learning.
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