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Description of the event

“It doesn’t work” – This is what we are hearing most of the time since COVID-19 impacted our daily lives. Digital Learning was not working for most of us until we realized its value when we have to put social distance in our overall living patterns. Indeed, COVID-19 has changed how people work and live around the world. Digital Learning has become more important than ever as this is our best way to keep striving and growing given all the restrictions that we are facing.

This webinar is dedicated to the discussion of a valuable topic for any organization out there – Leveraging EdTech innovations to achieve your organizational growth amidst the crisis. You will learn strategies and practical techniques that you can bring into your own organizational process.

Digital Transformation is about Talent, Not Technology. Contrary to what most of the people believe, digital transformation not just about digitizing some processes or implementing technologies. This is mostly about transformation. The transformation component is the major one as it impacts the People.

People’s habits, people culture and people confidence in their work. An expert can become a beginning after a process got digitalized. You can imagine the human impacts of such situation and the reticence in adopting a new way of working.

With COVID-19, most of the companies, schools and government offices jumped into the digital to maintain as much as possible their business as unfortunately this could mean implementing quick and dirty digital solutions and totally missing the change management and training.

Course Objectives

  • To get insights, tips, and advices from Digital Transformation, Learning & Development and EdTech leaders coming from Corporates, Start-ups, Academics, and Investors worlds
  • To have a 10000 feet step back from the current crisis and to consider EdTech as a Discipline and as an Industry
  • To hear from a diverse set of speakers on what did/didn’t work during COVID and how we need to evolve what’s currently available for success
  • To better understand what the major components of Learning and Digital Learning are, to get a better on what are these skills that will be the most needed tomorrow


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from eLearn2grow after attending the 1-hour webinar


  • No prior knowledge or skills is required

Who should attend?

  • Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, and start-ups leaders
  • Educators, Teachers
  • eLearning Content Creator
  • HR and Learning & Development professionals


Some of the topics we will discuss with the speakers during this event

  • What do we mean by EdTech and Learning Experience
  • This is not about what we learn but how do we learn (learning experience), so we need to ensure that the user experience and interactivity are great
  • What can we learn from the recent crisis?
  • What are the required new skills for tomorrow? Design thinking, UX / CX, soft skills….
  • How people want to learn today, what is the shift? Faster, Better, Deeper but what topics…
  • Why a Digital Transformation is a must today, what challenges, what benefits, what prerequisites

Get insights, tips, and advices from EdTech speakers coming from various industries and practices such as corporate leaders, investors, academicians, and successful start-ups.

Discover the opportunities that EdTech can bring to recover from the impact brought about by Covid-19.

Discover more about digital learning to modernize your learning and growth strategy.

Get recognized and receive the certificate of completion that can add up to your credentials with a Lifetime access to our existing learning resources.


Mukta Arya

Societe Generale CIB, Head of Human Resources, SEA and Head of Talent Development and Inclusion, Asia-Pacific [Singapore]

Emmanuel Daniel

Founder The Asian Banker & Founder Wealth and Society [Singapore]

Crystina Hickey

Entrepreneur, Investor, EdTech Enthusiast [Hong-Kong]

David Daoud

Founder and CEO eLearn2grow, Digital Learning Agency; Founder EdTech Club [Hong Kong]

Meet the organizer

David Daoud

Digital Transformation
Entrepreneur mindset

David is passionate about human relations, and more especially everything related to Learning. This drove him since the beginning. Strong of his 20+ years of international experience,  David worked on various international organizational and IT projects across Europe and Asia.
David has a consulting and entrepreneur background, across several industries, with a deep experience in the financial industry gained during several years mostly working with banks on their continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives. His areas of expertise are about Continuous Improvement applied to everything going from his personal life to his professional experience and Life Long Learning.
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