Create Your Own Online Course with Moodle

Learn industry-tested and experience-based strategies in developing your online course.

Understand Instructional Design and eLearning concepts

Discover tools you can use to design your eLearning

Develop eLearning with activities and resources, including SCORM files

Integrate interactivityanimation, and social based concepts to boost your course engagement rate

Get your certificate of completion for completing the training.

You will also get a FREE Lifetime Access to our handpicked eLearning material/s and course/s that are relevant to this event to complement your further learning.


2 time slots available:

10th December 2020 - In 2021: 12th Jan, 9th Feb, 9th Mar.

1st time slot: 7PM - 8.30PM
Hong Kong / Singapore Time zone (GMT+8)

2nd time slot: 7PM - 8.30PM
Eastern Time (GMT-5)

Description of the event

Did you know that there is a Learning Management System (or LMS) out there serving more than 200 million of users worldwide? This LMS also contains more than 25 million of courses in almost all the languages you could find on planet earth? Surprisingly, this LMS is FREE to use!

Join us and get a head start in creating your online learning experience with Moodle LMS! Each session is limited to about 50 participants.

Moodle is an open source LMS and is one of the most popular learning management system in the world. It is free and there is a cloud version you can use with a free tier. You can create effective online course and learning experiences in a collaborative, engaging and interactive way that users can access anytime, anywhere from any devise.

Training Objectives

  • Understand Instructional Design and eLearning concepts / design principles
  • Familiarise with the Moodle LMS core features then deep dive on the most important ones
  • Discover and Use other tools needed for eLearning
  • Develop eLearning with activities and resources, including SCORM files
  • Integrate interactivity, animation, and social based concepts to boost your course engagement rate


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from EdTech Club and eLearn2grow after attending the 2-hours’ course


  • This is a beginner course/training. No prior knowledge on e-Learning or LMS is required

Who should attend?

  • Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, and start-ups leaders
  • Educators, Teachers
  • eLearning Content Creator
  • HR and Learning & Development professionals

Training Highlights

  1. What is Moodle and Why Should You Use It? – Moodle Features and Overview
  2. How to Create a Course in Moodle? (Adding Resources and Activities included)
  3. Moodle Dashboard and Settings Overview
  4. Setting Up Chat and Forum Activities for Your Course
  5. SCORM Setup for Moodle
  6. Adding Zoom to Moodle Course
  7. Adding Assignment and Quiz in Moodle
  8. Adding a Certificate to Moodle Course
  9. Adding File, Page, and URL Resources
  10. Access Restrictions and Activities Completion and reports
  11. Introduction to how to sell your eLearning as a eLearning ecommerce business

Get insights, tips, and advices from EdTech speakers coming from various industries and practices such as corporate leaders, investors, academicians, and successful start-ups.

Discover the opportunities that EdTech can bring to recover from the impact brought about by Covid-19.

Discover more about digital learning to modernize your learning and growth strategy.

Get recognized and receive the certificate of completion that can add up to your credentials with a Lifetime access to our existing learning resources.


David Daoud

Digital Transformation
Entrepreneur mindset

David is passionate about human relations, and more especially everything related to Learning. This drove him since the beginning. Strong of his 20+ years of international experience,  David worked on various international organizational and IT projects across Europe and Asia.
David has a consulting and entrepreneur background, across several industries, with a deep experience in the financial industry gained during several years mostly working with banks on their continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives. His areas of expertise are about Continuous Improvement applied to everything going from his personal life to his professional experience and Life Long Learning.
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