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Description of the event

Let’s face it! A high percentage of today’s jobs will soon be replaced by automation. You should take action now not only for securing your own job but to help your employees build on skills that are relevant for the future. In this webinar, we will hear it from the industry experts about how the labour market is transforming to get the right skills for emerging jobs. Ultimately, you will get a head start on what should you do today to keep up with the very fast changing environment?

Learning and developing employees’ skills has always been an important part of the companies value proposition to attract to joiners and to retain them. With the fast pace of technological change, Learning and Development is now the most important long-term strategic focus for organisations wishing to recruit and retain top talent and nurture growth.

Also, COVID-19 brought chaos and at the same time it played the role of one powerful enabler for most of the companies and countries to embrace faster and deeper their Digital (Learning) Transformation. Re-imagine the workplace of tomorrow cannot go without re-imagining the workplace-learning of tomorrow.

Knowing that most of the hard skills and repetitive work can be and will be replaced by automaton and machines, soft skills are increasingly in demand in the labor market given that these skills are not readily substituted with technology. The learning function is regarded as a strategic business development area that facilitates leadership development and innovation by creating a culture of lifelong learning and collaboration. It is a practice that drives business growth.

The traditional role of the trainer has evolved, moving for training provider to learning facilitator, playing several roles and wearing many hats.

Course Objectives

  • To get insights, tips, and advices from Digital Transformation, Learning & Development and EdTech leaders coming from Corporates, Start-ups, Academics, and Investors worlds
  • To have a 10000 feet step back from the current crisis and to consider EdTech as a Discipline and as an Industry
  • To hear from a diverse set of speakers on what did/didn’t work during COVID and how we need to evolve what’s currently available for success
  • To better understand what the major components of Learning and Digital Learning are, to get a better on what are these skills that will be the most needed tomorrow


All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from eLearn2grow after attending the 1-hour webinar


  • No prior knowledge or skills is required

Who should attend?

  • Business Owner, Entrepreneurs, and start-ups leaders
  • Educators, Teachers
  • eLearning Content Creator
  • HR and Learning & Development professionals


  • Workplace of tomorrow and Future of work: Context, definition and trends. Talking about the workplace of tomorrow or the future of work, What skills will be needed in the future?
  • What is EdTech? Why EdTech is so relevant today? Is that something new? Technologies, evolving customers’ needs, Challenges? How to get better prepared today for tomorrow’s challenges?
  • Getting the right skills in the workforce of tomorrow: Empowering your employees, recruiting new employees to fill in the skill gap you may have internally
  • How to build or attract employees of tomorrow? What priorities between training existing employees or hiring new ones? Talking about the skills gaps, which skills are most needed?
  • Getting news skills thanks to Education: Education is a general term not only related to an academic curriculum. What role plays education in getting news skills? Whose responsibility is that (Government and Schools, Companies, public or private sector)?
  • How technologies improve all aspects of the learning experience? What / Where Are the Tools to Foster Innovation? How EdTech can help employees and the workforce of tomorrow to succeed in the workplace of tomorrow?
  • The Fourth Industrial revolution: We lived these last centuries 3 major revolutions and we talk about revolution because it is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another. The phrase “Fourth Industrial Revolution” was first introduced in 2015 by Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. What is that and how to qualify this 4th Industrial Revolution?

Get insights, tips, and advices from EdTech speakers coming from various industries and practices such as corporate leaders, investors, academicians, and successful start-ups.

Discover the opportunities that EdTech can bring to recover from the impact brought about by Covid-19.

Discover more about digital learning to modernize your learning and growth strategy.

Get recognized and receive the certificate of completion that can add up to your credentials with a Lifetime access to our existing learning resources.


Nicolas Vanhove

Founder of TUTOROO, Marketplace for private language tutors [Singapore]

Ramya Eva

Head of Learning and Development APAC and China at Booking.com [Singapore]

Andrew Lupton

Learning Technology – Project Manager, Peak Pacific [Hong Kong]

David Daoud

Founder and CEO eLearn2grow, Digital Learning Agency; Founder EdTech Club [Hong Kong]

Meet the organizer

David Daoud

Digital Transformation
Entrepreneur mindset

David is passionate about human relations, and more especially everything related to Learning. This drove him since the beginning. Strong of his 20+ years of international experience,  David worked on various international organizational and IT projects across Europe and Asia.
David has a consulting and entrepreneur background, across several industries, with a deep experience in the financial industry gained during several years mostly working with banks on their continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives. His areas of expertise are about Continuous Improvement applied to everything going from his personal life to his professional experience and Life Long Learning.
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